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What's in CoupReseller?

In CoupReseller you can find exciting deals in your city, buy the deals you think you missed from group buying sites like Groupon, BuyWithMe and many others and sell any deal you think you won't use. Buying is very easy here. Just add to cart the deals you want buy, pay and download the voucher instantly. Every voucher is guaranteed to be authentic and usable by The CoupReseller Deal Guarantee.

Is CoupReseller a daily deal site?

No CoupReseller is not a daily deal site. It does not offer time bound daily deals. You can buy as well as sell the deals you think you won't use of various group buying site.

Where can I find the list of my transactions?

Login to your CoupReseller account and click "My Account" option in the top band of any page. View all the deals you purchased in the "My Account" menu and as a seller view deals you have put for sale in Current deals and the deals sold in the Past Deals.

How do I change my username or password?

To change your username or password login to your account. Click "My Account" in the top band. In the "My Account" menu click "Account Information" and change your username or password.

What do if I find the content on the deal page inappropriate?

Please use the Report Bugs option at the bottom of each page to report inappropriate deal content.

I need more help. Whom to contact?

Please use the Contact Us option at the bottom of each page to get more help.

Selling FAQ's

I have an unused deal with me. How do I sell it in CoupReseller?

First, Sign in to your CoupReseller account. Then click "Sell a Deal" in the top band of any page and follow the next steps. Provide the details like deal url or the deal site url, coupon expiry date and attach the voucher images to list your deal for sale. After you have created the deal, create your seller profile by giving your name, verifying your email address(if not verified) and setting up a Paypal Payments seller account.

Does CoupReseller levy a charge for selling deals?

You can create as many deals as you like and list them for sale. When you actually make a sale, we charge you $0.99 + 8% of the sale price to cover credit card and other costs. Please note that you will not be charged any additional fees by Paypal to receive your payment from the buyer. This charge already includes all money transfer and credit card fees.

If my deal is sold, how will I get paid?

When your deal is sold the buyer will be charged. As soon as the buyer is charged, the money is deposited into your Paypal Payments account.

How do I set the price of the deal and can it be changed after some time?

As you create a deal for sale, price of the deal will be automatically fetched from the group buying site. You can set the desired price as the deal price as there are no restrictions in CoupReseller. To change the price of the deal, View the deal and use the Edit deal option to modify the price.

Is there an expiry deal for the deal I have listed for sale?

The deal you have listed will expire when the deal is sold, the voucher expiry date is met or you remove the voucher. Unless the voucher expiration date is met the deal listing will not expire.

How do I edit some of my deal details?

To edit a deal, login to your CoupReseller account and click "My Account" option in the top band of any page. Click Current Deals in the "My Shop" menu to view all the deals you have listed. Use the Edit option to edit the deal details.

Is it possible to remove a deal?

Yes, you can remove a deal by removing its attached voucher. If you remove the voucher, the deal will no longer be displayed for buyers to purchase. To remove the voucher, go to the Edit Deal page and you will an option to remove next to each voucher. Click "Remove" and delete the desired voucher added to the deal. This way you will not be removing the entire deal or the other vouchers.

The available categories do not match the deal I am going to sell. What do I do?

You can select the category "Other" for the deal and contact us to suggest the new category.

Buying FAQ's

Does CoupReseller charge for purchasing a deal?

There are no charges for buying deals in CoupReseller. You need to pay only the price of the deal as specified by the seller.

What is the CoupReseller deal guarantee?

If you buy a deal in CoupReseller and within 60 days it turns out invalid or has already been used, we will refund your money. View our full guarantee information here.

How do I pay for deal I have purchased?

We use Paypal to process all payments. During the checkout process you'll be directed to the Paypal gateway to pay for your purchase. After you approve the payment, you'll be returned to the CoupReseller site for final confirmation of your purchase.

Where can I get my deal voucher?

To view and print your voucher, click "My Account" in the top band. In the Purchased Deals page will appear. When you view the deal you have purchased, you will find an option to download the voucher in the Vouchers section.

I want to know as to when I can use my voucher?

Once your purchase is confirmed, you can use the voucher. Each voucher has its own terms and conditions which you can find in the deal page on the originating site. Make sure to read and understand them properly before purchasing the deal.

Can I buy a deal and gift it to my friend?

Yes you can gift a deal as vouchers are transferable. However you cannot gift a non-transferable voucher. Kindly note that some businesses restrict the number of vouchers which can be used by the same person, so you might not be able to gift multiple vouchers from the same business to one individual (e.g. you might not be able to give your friend two pizza vouchers of the same restaurant).

When I printed the voucher, I found somebody's name written there. Can I use it?

Yes you can the voucher even if you find some other name written on it. All vouchers are transferable unless specified in the originating site's deal page as non-transferable. CoupReseller's terms and condition prohibit sellers from selling vouchers that are not transferable. Please contact us if you see non-transferable vouchers posted on the site.

Are the vouchers on CoupReseller genuine and haven't already been used?

CoupReseller guarantees the authenticity of all vouchers you purchase on the site. If you discover that the voucher you purchased is not genuine or has been used before, please contact us immediately. View our full guarantee information here for more details about the CoupReseller Deal Guarantee.